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PLG - Processes and Logs Generator

Multiperspective Processes Randomization and Simulation for Online and Offline Settings



Evaluating process mining algorithms could require the availability of a suite of real-world business processes and their execution logs, which hardly are available.

Process Log Generator is a application capable to generate random business processes, starting from some general "complexity paramenters". PLG is also able to "execute" a given process model in order to generate a process log.

This software is designed to help researchers in the construction of a large set of processes and corresponding execution logs. This software is released with a small library which could help in the programmatical creation of processes.

Main features

  • Random process generation, with different complexity parameters
  • Random process evolution (to generate slight variations of existing processes)
  • Configuration of time for activities duration and time between activities (via Python scripts)
  • Generation of static/dynamic data objects for multi-perspective event log generation (via Python scripts)
  • Import of process from
    • PLG file format
    • BPMN files (generated from SAP Signavio)
  • Export of generated processes as
    • PLG file format
    • BPMN 2.0 XML file
    • BPMN as Graphviz Dot file
    • Petri net as Graphviz Dot file
    • Petri net as LoLA file
    • Petri net as PNML file
    • Petri net as TPN file
  • Generation of an event log with any number of traces
  • Fine-tuned configuration of noise parameters for event log generation
  • Export of the generated event log as
    • XES file (both compressed as .xes.gz and not compressed as .xes)
    • MXML file (both compressed as .mxml.gz and not compressed as .mxml)
  • Generation of an infinite stream of events
  • Event streams generated as MQTT-XES format (cf.
  • Ability to dynamically switch the process generting the events (to simulate concept drift in streams)
  • Generation of noise into the stream



You can read or download the updated Java source code on the project GitHub ( Sources of the old releases of PLG are still available on the old GitHub project (

Download latest version

PLG makes use of the following libraries:

Older versions of PLG:

  • PLGLib-1.4beta
    • Release date: 2011-07-22
    • Download this release (sources and binary)
    • Release notes:
      • the application with graphic interface
      • PLG-CLI-ProcessCreator-0.1.jar the command line version of the random process generator
      • the command line version of the process simulator (and log generator)
  • PLGLib-1.2
  • PLGLib-1.1
  • PLGLib-1.0

Help and Contact

You can find more information on how to use the tool and how to configure it, on the GihHub Wiki pages. You can find all the contact information at the author's webpage.


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